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North Korea orchestrated massive cyber attack on South Korea – and Japanese city mistweets missile strike

by on April 12, 2013

Thatthereengland - does Japan

North Korea Computer
Photo by: (stephan)

Tensions in South East Asia are running high at the moment, due to North Korean posturing, and recent events show that the internet is very much becoming part of the simmering conflict between the dictatorship and the nations around it.

One incident that shows this is the revelation that North Korea was behind a powerful cyber attack last month that targeted broadcasters and banks in South Korea.

According to the South Korean Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) the attack came from the North Korean military intelligence agency.

“It was a premeditated, well-planned cyber attack by North Korea”, a KISA spokesman said.

KISA said that the attack had been prepared for at least eight months and identified the origin of the attack as six computers in North Korea.

The North Korean attack used malware, which infected computers and wiped the contents of their hard drives.

According to…

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