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30 Days, Possibly 6000 Pages To Go Through

by on April 13, 2013


Holy Macaroni! ( for some reason those two words keep ringing in my head…holy MAC.. I’m gonna stop right there)

Finally it’s the weekend, not that it’s any different for me since everyday is a holiday nevertheless I have 30 days until my exam kicks off. Honestly, the stress is finding its way to the surface. Am I ready? YeeeeeeaNO! it’s a No. There’s so much swatting and reading every single day that on my forehead the words “Fudged Up” is written across. Is that a Good Thing?  YeeeeeeaNO! it’s a No.

I’m having a problem with constitutional Law. God it just goes on and on and on. Sometimes I wish we could just simply live by the principle Survival of the Fittest( I’d last a week, bet your ass on that haha). However, I do find criminal law fascinating. It’s so fun especially when you witness and injustice happening before your eyes…

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