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10 Unique Designs Wallet And Strange

by on May 1, 2013



Inthismodern eraeveryone is alwayslooking forvarietiesthat canpresent themselvesinamong many people.Thus,the noveltywas created theuniqueandquirkyinpublic view,something that is alwaysusedbyallpeopleofthe wallet.

However,thiswallethas the privilegeofdesignisdifferent from the others. As anormal human beingshouldwant to use somethingspecial and different. ^ _ ^

1. Legowallet

2. Nintendowallet

3. Asfoldwalletphotos

4. DentedWalletsSoft DrinkCans

5. walletMap

6. WalletAntiBullets

7. Foodwallet

8. Newspaperwallet

9. NokiaProductpurse

10. Moneywallet

p/s: all haveaveryinterestingdesignbutthat lastpursewasreally impressedpick pocketeven ifno moneyin…

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