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Free Access of Information; But At What Cost?

by on May 16, 2013

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Living in a time where anyone can post anything about everything entails significant advantages and disadvantages. The internet as a platform is powerful in its dialogic nature. As opposed to a TV informing us of the news and us as consumers passively consuming, we now consume, produce and share. This is big.

Whilst we marvel at the sheer force in which the internet is working however, we have encountered some slight speed bumps that may hinder our hot travelling speed on the information highway. Sure the internet as a platform is an efficient way to freely spread information but, let’s just say not all information stones thrown into cyberspace are going to skim.

There is no quality control. Everyone can broadcast. Everyone can have a go. That’s great if you’re coaching an under 11s football team, but if we are considering a replacement for our limited but…

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