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Eling 8-bell practice Tuesday May 21st

by on May 19, 2013

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Derek Jackson writes:

Tuesday 21st May is Eight Bell Practice at Eling, with a moderate temperature and an end to those icy evenings.  Last month we introduced Andrea from Quebec to Stedman and ringing the Treble to Major.  This month we must practice London Major (Polly please note) and Lessness again, using David’s expertise.  I expect that Mary would like Yorkshire, if she hasn’t tired of it during the Ladies Guild Week.  Can Steve please call some D.N.C.B.M., Alan some Erin, Maurice some Oxford Bob Triples and Joy another touch of Grandsire Triples?  Adrian can practice Treble Bobbing with Kent T.B. Major (Cam variation) and can Margaret give him a touch of Bob Major?
Can we have suggestions for items to include in the June 8-Bell, especially things you would like to call?


This month I call my cat BLACKSMITH
/ o o \
( == ^ == )

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