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The Giro D’Italia – cycling, Italian-style

by on May 19, 2013


Many people are familiar with the annual Tour de France road race, especially after Sir Bradley Wiggins’ triumphant win last year, but few are aware of it’s tougher, grittier Italian counterpart – the gruelling 21-stage Giro D’Italia ( literally the “tour of Italy” ).

Background to the Giro D’Italia

imageThe Giro was originally set up in 1909 by the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper and, so far, apart from a couple of breaks during the world wars, is close to its 100th year.

But don’t be fooled by the vibrant Gazzetta-pink branding that swathes the host towns and cities as it passes through, this is a serious race, not for the faint-hearted. The pro-cyclists rack up over 3500km in the seat ( as opposed to 3200km in the Tour de France ). And the racing includes unforgiving climbs and hair-pin descents through the Alps and Dolomites plus stamina-testing hauls through the low-lands…

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