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The New Zealand Herald’s hyperlinking woes

by on May 21, 2013


To say that journalism is different now than what it was five years ago would be like saying the sky is blue — too obvious and too general to make any sense.  Many will argue and rightly so, that the basics of journalism remain the same. What has changed however, is the way news is presented and consumed. Also, what has changed is what consumers expect of news organisations.

I am an online journalist and also a news consumer. I have come to almost instinctively expect certain things out of online versions of newspapers and I find it incomprehensible when some leading national newspapers just don’t seem to get it.

What has got my feathers in a ruffle today is the online version of The New Zealand Herald.

I confess that I no longer buy any print newspapers but yesterday I happened upon a print copy of the NZ…

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