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Colonial Period: Major Themes

by on May 27, 2013

Surviving College and Other Life Lessons

You have to know that there were three regions to the colonies: Northern, Middle, and Southern. You have to know why there were three regions. You have to know how they’re different.

  • 17th century: Three major regions of colonialAmerica
    • New England: MA, CT, RI, NH
      • 1620, Plymouth Colony founded by Pilgrims; Puritans arrive in 1629
      • Ship building, fishing, shipping, fur, subsistence farming, dairy farming
      • Rocky soil: poor geography for cash crop agriculture
      • Dominated by Puritans (Congregational Church)
      • Close-knit communities; long life-expectancy
    • Middle: NY, PA, NJ, DE (New Sweden)
      • “Bread colonies” – wheat, oats, barley
      • Most diverse region: English, Germans, Swedes
      • Religious diversity: Quakers, Anglicans, Congregationalists, Catholics, Jews
      • Religious toleration in PA; NY is more autocratic
      • New York is Dutch until 1664
      • Communities more close-knit than in South; not as much as New England
      • Some education (more than South; less than New England)
    • Southern: MD, VA, NC, SC
      • Economy based…

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