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H7N9 bird flu part 3 – its now airborne

by on May 27, 2013


(News & Editorial/ H7N9 bird flu part 3-now airborne) 

 b flu3 spread

[Spread of H7Np Bird Flu as of 8 May 2013]

A.  Pandemic Fatigue
3 May 2013, LRB blog, by Hugh Pennington
Pasted from:

The virus in eastern China that since late February has killed 26 out of 128 confirmed cases has been officially named ‘avian influenza A (H7N9)’. Analysis of its genes shows a mixture derived from several bird flu viruses, and that the virus has been evolving for some time.

A century ago avian influenza viruses were called ‘fowl plague’, because they caused lethal infections in chickens. Their true nature was discovered in 1955 by Werner Schäfer, a German virologist and veterinarian who had spent the Second World War attending to the welfare of horses on the Eastern Front.

But H7N9 doesn’t cause fowl plague. If it infects chickens it does so without killing them or…

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