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You Could Write the Next Doctor Who!

by on June 3, 2013


When contemplating the Internet, one must accept that anything you could ever possibly imagine already exists in some far corner of the Information Superhighway. For example, I bring you “6 lines of Java script that write Doctor Who plots indistinguishable from the current series”, created by the fine folks at Us vs. Th3m.

Just click here and the magic of the Internet gives you a Doctor Who plot.

For example:

A malfunction sends the TARDIS hurtling towards a space station in the far-future, but Clara thinks she can hear a child’s tears. Isolated from the Doctor, Clara goes on to uncover the secret of the first Aztecs. Clara’s tears save the day. Michael Caine has a walk-on part.

Or how about:

The Doctor has vowed to return to an underwater base, but the Doctor is worried. The visitors discover the first creatures of Time Lord legends. A nostalgic 90’s pop…

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