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Tech Giants Built Segrated Systems For NSA Instead Of Firehoses To Protect Innocent Users From PRISM

by on June 8, 2013


The NSA may have wanted full firehoses of data from Google, Facebook and other tech giants, but the companies attempted to protect innocent users from monitoring via compliance systems that created segregated data before securely handing it over as required by law, according to individuals familiar with the systems used by the tech companies targeted by PRISM.

The widelycriticized corroboration with the NSA therefore may have benefited citizens rather than being to their detriment.

How PRISM Requests And Receives Private Data

My sources confirm that the NSA did not have direct access or any special instant access to data or servers at the PRISM targets, but instead had to send requests to the companies for the data. These requests must be complied with by law, but only if the government narrowly defines what it’s looking for. The government may have initially requested a firehose of data, and was happy…

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